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  • Why choose Hypnobirthing?


    Hypnobirthing can make such a massive difference to your Birth experience in so many ways.


    It is a full birth preparation course so provides the essential anatomical knowledge to expectant parents. This gives you an understanding of how the female body is designed to birth a baby, what to expect and what else could occur during the birthing process.


    Hypnobirthing provides a sense of confidence to a labouring mother so she trusts her body, her baby, listening to her instincts to birth beautifully.


    Hypnobirthing is also incredibly empowering for expectant parents. As the course gives them the opportunity to learn balanced, unbiased information about their maternity & birthing rights.


    One of the key parts of Hypnobirthing involves learning and practising relaxation techniques and tools. These include; breathing techniques, positive affirmations, calming scripts and massage. These tools become coping mechanisms and also help to develop an optimistic mindset, so that you will feel calm,confident and in control.This will enable you to achieve a positive birth experience, even if your original birth plan changes.


    Hypnobirthing allows your Birth partner to be involved during the whole process so that

    they will feel mentally prepared about what to expect during labour and afterwards, so they can provide the best support.


    Hypnobirthing is simply Incredible!


    Upcoming Group Hypnobirthing Essentials Course & Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

    Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

    Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

    A brilliant way to relax, bond with your Baby and meet other expectant Mums to be. 4 x sessions, 1 x hour per week £5 per session PAYG Each week we will practice relaxation techniques, discuss tips for birth and finish with a guided relaxation script to help you enjoy a restful nights sleep. These are available as vouchers so are perfect for a Baby shower gift. As they are ran via zoom they can be accessed anywhere in the UK.
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    Group Hypnobirthing Essentials Course- June & July

    Group Hypnobirthing Essentials Course- June & July

    What You Will Learn? -How to release any fears that may be associated with childbirth -Breathing techniques, visualisations and -Mp3s to help you stay calm and relaxed during labour -How to promote the production of your birthing hormones -Tools to navigate birth should you require intervention or assistance -The basics of the physiology of birth -Birth partner role -Birth plan & preferences What you receive: -4hr Hypnobirthing Workshop -5 MP3 Tracks -7 Hypnosis Scripts - Hypnobirthing Course Workbook - Positive Affirmation Cards -Access to me right up until birth in case you have any questions or need to chat -A goodie bag of free gifts and information on local pregnancy services
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    About Me

    Hello there,

    I'm Mary, the woman behind Calm Together.

    I am originally from Merseyside but I've lived in Yorkshire for nearly ten years after finding love on a night out in Wakefield!

    I love going on mini adventures with my friends & family, I try to never take myself too seriously and I enjoy doing anything creative.

    I have two little ones who I completely adore, they are my inspiration and motivation behind why I chose to become a Hypnobirthing Teacher, through an accredited training provider.

    Hypnobirthing has been such a transformative part of my life, after discovering the power of it quite late on in my first pregnancy. Like most mums to be, I was absolutely thrilled to be pregnant but as the weeks went past, I started to get more and more anxious about how the Birth would go. Especially as my pregnancy app was telling me that my baby would soon be the size of a watermelon!

    So I read some brilliant Hypnobirthing books but... I needed more convincing so I booked myself and my (quite reluctant) other half onto a Group Hypnobirthing Course. We turned up without any real expectations about how the session would go BUT we both left feeling excited with the knowledge that Birth could be an amazing, positive experience and didn't have to be dramatic or scary. The one thing that struck us both most was actually how logical Hypnobirthing really was.


    I originally wanted a planned C-section because I was so worried about what could happen but Hypnobirthing took away that fear factor around Birth. In the end we ended up having an amazing water birth experience.

    I'm so passionate that every expectant parent should know about Hypnobirthing and empower themselves. It will totally change your perspective on how Birth can be.



  • What Course should I do?

    I offer a wide range of courses. Please take a look below and see what works for you.

  • Birth Stories

    Because everyone loves a good story...

    newborn baby birth centre first baby water birth

    The One who made me a Mama

    My First Baby

    I was 3 days over my EDD but had been having increased Braxton Hicks for around a week, which kept coming and going so being my first baby, I was a bit unsure for a few hours if I was in actual labour! I remember ringing my sister for advice and then it was confirmed when my surges (contractions) were getting more regular and stronger over the rest of the morning.


    I rang my other half at work and told him it was the real deal this time but that I was happy for now at home on my own and would call if I needed him. I laboured at home all that day, in my safe little Hypnobirthing bubble, relaxing,snacking,hopping in and out of the bath and watching films including Wolf Of Wall Street (potentially the reason why we decided on calling our son Leo!)


    We arrived at The Birth Centre at 7pm to the fire alarm going off!! luckily it was a false alarm and made us laugh.

    We made our way up the stairs to the birthing centre, stopping for each surge to do my breathing. I was checked in triage and told I was 3cm dilated and if I wanted to could walk round the hospital or go home and come back.


    I requested to use a TENS machine and we both made the decision to stay put as we would feel more comfortable. Walking round my surges were getting stronger and by 9pm I did start to think maybe we should have gone home for a bit so I could rest.


    We went back to triage and they were able to find us a private room to go in but I found lying down quite uncomfortable so listened to my body and kept moving positions, concentrating on my breathing. As the room was dark it felt safe and cosy. Jonny my OH had even fallen asleep on the bed! I had strong pressure in my lower back and felt like I needed to wee but couldn’t. I kept getting up to go to the loo but nothing was happening. after a while I managed to get more comfortable then felt dampness between my legs but also instant relief as I realised my waters had released.

    Jonny went to get a midwife who confirmed it and said I could go into a birthing suite.


    After a few checks I was able to get into the birthing pool, the warm water felt amazing and really helped during the surges.The room was calm, dimly lit, Jonny put on our playlist and I literally zoned out listening to my body. I tried the gas and air available but it made me feel quite woozy so I just concentrated on my breath, my affirmations while Jonny read aloud the calming scripts.


    My surges felt like a strong pressure in my back getting more powerful, after a little while my instincts told me to bear down. I told my midwife that I was ready to go for it. I used down breathing to help guide my baby out and I remember feeling the top of his head which was so surreal. The song Teardrop by Massive Attack was playing in the background and after only a few pushes Leo was out at 3:45am. I lifted out this 7lb 1oz of perfect baby and just beamed!

    I felt like a total superhero!!

      newborn baby baby girl water birth hypnobirth second baby

      Who run the World?

      Girl Power

      My daughters birth was just as empowering and wonderful as my first birth experience, just much quicker!

      I had more confidence second time round in knowing the signs of labour, so when things started to happen at 40 weeks + 4 days I knew I was best staying at home as long as I could.


      I called my mother in law in the morning to come over and collect my son, then I decided to change all the bedding,I did some washing, watched TV, ate little and often and bounced on my ball. I used my calm breathing and again used water (baths & showers) to relieve the pressure in my lower back and took some paracetamol.


      My husband came back home from work in the early afternoon making sure I was doing ok. Then around 4pm whilst watching some really trashy TV and leaning over my birth ball, when I felt a really strong surge. My waters had broke.


      I checked that they were clear and then asked Jonny to call up the Birthing centre to let them know we would be coming in in the next few hours. They gave me the options to stay at home if I felt comfortable or come in to centre.

      We decided to go in as it was nearly rush hour and we needed to get on the M1 to the birthing centre. Also by this point my surges had ramped up so I wanted to get myself in the birthing suite as I knew this would make me feel more relaxed.


      Once in the car I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breath work, feeling excited that we would be meeting our baby soon. I remember telling Jonny I would have her by before 7pm as things were progressing quickly.


      Upon arriving at the Birthing centre, I asked to be checked and was told I was 6 cm dilated so could go straight into a Birthing Suite. Whilst I was waiting for the birthing pool to fill up, I had to keep dropping and going on all fours for my surges as this was most comfortable position for me!


      When I was in the pool, Jonny put on our playlist and read aloud the relaxation scripts, used gentle touch and massaged my shoulders.This really helped to keep me calm and remain grounded throughout the powerful surges.Not long after, I felt a really intense urge to push so I began to bear down, using my breathing to help, my body taking over and birthing my baby.


      When Phoebes head was out I expected her body to glide out like when I had Leo. Only this time she needed a little more assistance, the midwife asked to check me whilst I was still in the pool and thought that her shoulder was preventing her from coming out smoothly.


      Even though this was a potentially stressful situation I remained calm, I was determined to try and do it myself so following my instincts so taking a really deep breath in and out through my nose I used my next surge to help her out.


      She emerged like a little mermaid but more squishy! 8lb 9oz at 18.48pm (before 7pm like I had predicted haha!)


      I felt a massive sense of achievement that I'd kept calm, trusted my baby and body to guide her beautiful Birth.

      newborn baby baby girl  hypnobirth c-section calm birth

      Change of Plan?  

      Emma, Paul & Florence's Story

      My dream was to have a calm, relaxed, peaceful, uninterrupted, natural water birth in the midwife led birth centre. I had visions throughout pregnancy of a dimly lit room, spa like smells, some of our favourite music playing in the background & a midwife telling me how marvellous I was!


      I found Hypnobirthing quite early in my pregnancy and was practicing the breathing techniques and getting to grips with the science of giving birth from around 20 weeks. Hypnobirthing was so much more than some “hippy fad” (as my husband originally thought!) It taught both of us what happens during the labour process. It focussed my mind and made me truly believe I could do it. My husband had tools and learnt techniques meaning he could support me and feel involved; rather than just sitting on the side line.


      Fast forward to 30 some weeks pregnant...

      I began attending regular growth scans and at every scan I was told my little girl was “tiny” and still in breech position. I cannot deny I was disheartened and I tried every trick in the book to get her to turn. The closer I got to 40 weeks the consultants kept coming to see me to talk about EVC and c-section. I stayed true to my word and requested that I was allowed “another week” to get her to turn.


      At 38 (ish) weeks the growth scan revealed that baby wasn’t surrounded by as much fluid, she was still breech and they were estimating a low birth weight. I attended this scan alone and was asked to wait to speak with a consultant. I knew my “one more week” request would likely be denied this time...


      During the meeting I cried and said I really didn’t want a c-section, I wanted to birth my baby naturally. However, I used my breath to calm myself down and then applied some PMA to the situation. I weighed up the benefits, risks and alternatives and decided to accept a c-section there and then. I rang my husband and we went through the possible date options with the consultant, 31st March 2020.


      23rd March 2020 Boris Johnson announces the U.K. lockdown.


      Panic set in, a million questions raced through my mind...there were so many unknowns and I must admit I sobbed and sobbed. My husband suggested practicing some of the Hypnobirthing techniques; I got a bath, he practiced, what we call, “the palm tree” on my back and he counted for me whilst I practiced my breathing...calmness descended...


      I re-wrote my entire birth plan the following day and opted for a gentle c-section with delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, music playing in theatre, dimmed lights and hushed voices.


      31st March 2020

      I barely slept the night before, full of excitement and trepidation! We arrived at the hospital at 07:15am. We set up our little bay on the PACU unit and made it as relaxing and homely as possible.

      I practiced my breathing, to keep my nerves at bay, and my husband held my hand whilst counting for me.

      We walked down to theatre together...the next bit really does become a blur...

      I remember my husband kneeling on the floor in front of me whilst the epidural was put in... I remember thinking how kind he was being and he kept reminding me to breathe and not hold my breath. I literally stared through his eyes into his soul and just lost myself there for a while. Once I was laid down he was there again stroking my forehead/face, reciting positive affirmations to me, checking I was ok and reminding the staff not to stick the monitoring tabs on my front as we wanted baby delivering straight to me for skin to skin! He had remembered my birth preferences - I was amazed! I noticed our music playing in the background and before I knew it my husband was peeking over the curtain and saying he could see her legs, then her bum and then she was here!


      Florence was born at 09:25am on 31st March 2020 weighing a lovely 6lb 3oz. Emeli Sande Next to Me was playing in the background and it felt perfect. We were elated, completely in love and in awe of what we had created.


      I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone and everyone. It works, regardless of birth type and I have even put the breathing techniques to use since! They’re not just for labour!

    • Reviews

      Liz & Shaun

      I had heard good things about Hypnobirthing so decided to give it a go and my partner agreed to do the course with me.


      My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage so for the first half of this pregnancy I felt like I was holding my breath, waiting for something to go wrong again. We both wanted to feel more calm and positive about pregnancy and birth in general.


      The information Mary provided us with, the tools and techniques she gave us really helped a lot with the process. She introduced us to positive birth stories which let me focus on things that could go well, rather than what could go wrong, which I what I was doing.


      Mary delivers the sessions in such a positive, friendly and enjoyable way we really looked forward to each one. She is full of knowledge and information and you never feel like you’re asking a stupid question.

      I can honestly say we both feel much calmer and I really feel like I can breathe again and look forward to what’s to come.

      Steph & Tom

      My partner and I completed a 1-2-1 4 week Hypnobirthing course with Mary. We both found the course really informative and interesting at the same; and we have both come away feeling we're much better prepared for the big day.


      The course not only taught me great relaxation techniques but also challenged my thinking on what my options/rights are when it comes to the birth.


      Mary is so friendly and a great teacher, I would definitely recommend booking a Hypnobirthing course with her.


      I have been doing Mary's pregnancy relaxation course for the past month and I would highly recommend to others. The course is in zoom so you can do it from the comfort of home.


      The class is so relaxing and allows you to concentrate on yourself and baby. Mary is so knowledgeable, it's great to be able to talk to her and ask questions about anything related to pregnancy and birth.


      The class is also a great way to meet and talk to other other expectant mothers. I really look forward to this class

      Alex & Will

      Having just had my first baby, Owen, I wanted to say a huge Thank you to Mary. Mary gave us an evening of her time and it was enough to help me see my birth in a totally different light.


      Things didn’t go as I planned, infact they were the very opposite. Mary explained to me that I can still be in control of myself and my experience and that helped me stay strong throughout.


      Without her help I think I would have been very disappointed in myself and instead I understood how to go with things, adapt and stay feeling happy throughout.


      Calm Together Hypnobirthing has great, in-depth sessions about Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation.


      The courses are perfect for women who are expecting a baby as it helps to adequately prepare them for birth and beyond, whilst also educating their birth partners.


      Mary is very passionate and has such a calming nature. The room was spacious and well set up, including props, books, candles and motivational quotes.


      I definitely recommend her sessions for all parents to be!!

    • Contact Me

      Please drop me a line or a message for a chat

      22 Wood Mount
    • FAQ

      What would you like to know?

      Will I be Hypnotised

      Look into my eyes!

      No absolutely not! I promise you no mind control or making you act like a chicken.

      Hypnobirthing is a no-nonsense full birth preparation course, it does involve an element of Hypnosis but that is what makes it powerful and better than the average antenatal class.

      Will my Birth Partner need to attend?

      Team Work makes the dream work

      Birth Partners can be anyone you choose. You are in this together, so yes they should absolutely attend the sessions. They will be able to get involved right from the start and will learn how best to support you.

      When is the Best time to start a course?

      Never too late!

      Ideally anytime from 20 weeks in pregnancy however there are courses designed if you are in the last few weeks of pregnancy. The advantages of doing a course earlier is that you have more time to practice, build your confidence and enjoy the benefits of relaxation during your pregnancy.

      What else is included in the cost of the course?

      Extra, extra!!


      In addition to booking any the Hypnobirthing Course


      -5 MP3 Tracks

      -7 Hypnosis Scripts

      - Hypnobirthing Course Workbook

      -Goody bag of Hypnobirthing Essentials

      - Positive Affirmation Cards

      -Ongoing support from me

      -Access to Calm Together Facebook Group


      Can I do a Hypnobirthing Course if...

      I am having a planned C section?

      Hynobirthing is for ANY Birth.


      Hypnobirthing is not exclusive, it is for ALL Births and ALL Parents to be. It can be used for spontaneous births, inductions, c-sections, second time, third time parents ....


       I have specialist resources to teach you Hypnobirthing if you are planning a C- Section.

      - So that you can tailor it to your specific needs and prepare you in the best way possible.

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